Man in the mirror.

Standing naked, before the mirror in my mind,
staring at my reflection, trying to see.
As the world around faded, leaving just darkness behind, 
I saw who I wanted to be, but he wasn’t completely me.

My alter ego, compulsive and wired,
pretending to live in the present.
Alternating between past and future, tired!
This man I resent.

Fooled by that we are what we think,
our mind has a mind of its own.
I am, I exist, therefore I think.
For it could be my friend or my foe.

Conscious, I watch the mind critique
and as always it overpours.
In silence, I watch all this repeat,
deeper and deeper I explore.

As thoughts subsided in prolonged silence,
my mind; peaceful, still and free.
For the thoughts were mute at the heightened conscience,
I finally saw myself in me. And I chose to let it be.

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