No matter how hard we try
for some reason I don’t know why
we all are addicted to this dope, if you know what I mean.
This drug we all induce, this drug called dopamine.
Delivered in devices and in our day to day vices
it’s a cry for help, can’t you see?
Like needlessly sticking needles in your head just to feel.
In the pursuit of instant gratification
numbing ourselves to actual satisfaction
don’t go around kicking doors just cause you lost the key.
For pain is the process,
perseverance is progress,
without struggle there’s no success,
these are cliches cause they hold true for both you and me.
So, reach out to the sky for growth
instead of overcompensating when you fall short
because you’ll never leap if you think about landing safely.
Even if it meant writing shitty poetry.

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