Speech of the Devil and the Devil shall cheer

Forgive me father for I have sinned,
I’m here to confess but I don’t even know how to begin,
If only you knew what I did and where I’ve been,
I could spare you the words and you could spare me from this fear I live in.
You preached this lie that outlives you and can’t be unwritten.
I had seen it all so I decided that I’d drop by his place, you know, heaven.
Tested God in all his glory but I’m afraid it ended in a classic crucifixion,
And unfortunately, this time there won’t be another resurrection.
For now, I fear no one but myself and this devil that lives within.
I’m sorry to say father but I guess I just can’t be forgiven,
Since the one you worship I’m afraid is the one that has fallen,
and to that, let’s all say one last amen.
Oh, and I guess I’ll be making some changes to the workings of the confessional.
But there’s still time to figure that out, so until then,
Yours truly, Satan.

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