Why diamonds are worth it.

Today, a friend of mine asked me why art almost always is about pain.
Instead, why don’t I write something that feels good for a change.
And as she was saying, her words start to weigh in,
I realised that all I ever did in life was complain.

So, on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s day,
I’ve decided to write about this woman I keep falling for again and again.
Like this uncontrollable obsession to make these lines all rhyme the same.
Because, let’s face it, I’m secretly a man-child with a five year old heart and a fifty year old brain.

She’s smart, funny, beautiful and everything a guy wants in a woman.
With pretty eyes that feels as deep and vast as the ocean.
Made of stardust, you might say just like the rest of us,
But you never made me realise why diamonds are worth breaking the bank again,
or even help me appreciate the magic of the pouring rain.

To say the least, this woman’s an absolute feast,
That I’ve never had a shot at since this began.
And as you can guess, just like anyone else, this absolutely drives me insane.
But that’s just how love works, for it can be given but never bought back for a bargain.

And since this art I make is from this heart that breaks,
I don’t expect you to feel good today for a change.
So until then, it’s the same old story and the same old complaints.

But guess what? Against all those odds, you still made it to THE END,
And I’d say, that’s one reason to feel good again.

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