There’s no God, only Godliness.
There’s no genius, only the act.
There’s no hate, only fear.
There’s no beauty, only being.
There’s no coming out, only getting in.
There’s no peace, only sharing.
There’s no perfect, only unique.
There’s no freedom, only struggle.
There’s no happiness, only love.
There’s no absence, only ignorance.
There’s no mistake, only disbelief.
There’s no glow, only polish.
There’s no constant, only the cycle.
There’s no knowledge, only realisation.
There’s no colour, only light.
There’s no throne, only the kingdom.
There’s no anger, only disappointments.
There’s no reward, only the journey.
There’s no death, only sleep.
There’s no life, only memory.

There’s no you, there’s no me,
there’s only ONE, can’t you see?


Let me tell you the story of
the rebel who forgot his cause.
Labelled extraordinary in his early hours
Oh! It was all just a big farce.

Confused and lonely, he wandered off
crowded by all his loud thoughts.
Thinking we all need to first get lost
to find our way back as we find our own paths.

The Gods played him as he played along the odds
stripped off his clothes and left naked with his flaws.
So he wrote about his sad stories and fed them to the flocks
Giving them a happy ending while everyone called it bad art.