Venus, let’s…

Venus, let’s lock eyes on a cold winter night and fill the air with the warmth of our breath.

Feel you up on the kitchen top, pin you down on the floor and then let’s talk about sex.

Go to the pictures and then stare at you because all I want is to just kiss your neck.

Let’s dine on the tiniest table for two, run our toes over each other and eat while our knees touch.

Bathe in a hot shower, watch the water run as we still paint a beautiful mess.

Lie naked on our backs, dry ourselves while we get high smoking some laced cigarettes.

Let’s cuddle before we fuck, play with each other’s hair and confess our dirtiest secrets.

Precious, let’s not just go through the motions, instead bond our souls and use our bodies to express.

Let’s best each other, tire ourselves making love and lie wasted wrapping our legs

Then slowly fall asleep to the sound of dawn as the morning moon sets.

Oh! My darling, my luv, my muse…. Venus, let’s…

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