Mother’s last wish.

When it felt like my life was in crisis,
with all the vices and devices.
Like the early morning cigarettes & coffee that makes me feel anxious,
I knew I had to run away and rethink my choices.

Away from all the masses,
I went where the mountains met the sky and the greenest grass is,
by the flowing river that cancels all my noises,
I asked mother for all my answers.

Under the Light & Sound that Dances,
as I was waiting for my answers,
there she blew, the wind of voices.
Telling me why I can’t live my life like this.

“Ah! Troubled young man from urban classes.
Concrete, steel, steam and shatterproof glasses,
it’s been long since you forgot what your past is,
the times you walked barefoot on mud and grasses.
Stretching for miles and finding your own answers,
your ancestors never forgot how selfless Mother Earth is.
Until you took it all and cashed it,
for fast cars, fancy phones & beach houses,
bought fast food, fed your ego, sold your genius that was priceless.
Looked up to the sky & prayed like that’s where the God is.
It’s Goddess, you killed your own mother, can’t you see how bloody your hand is?

So, hear me son, this is my last wish,
it’s not too late, reinstate,
you don’t have to live a life like this.”

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