I’m just a lonely lad
thinking about the time I had
lost my love.
Wondering how to get her back
it makes me very sad
because I want her now

Just want to hold her hand
stare into her eyes and
fall in love.
After all this time,
I want to call her mine
and maybe even get my heart broken again.

“Okay! You’re clearly sad,
miserable, horny and a tad
bit drunk.
You can barely stand. It’s all just a fad
and you haven’t learnt your goddamn lesson.

She drove you mad!
You hated her dad,
have you forgotten?
And if I may add…
you both were always bad, so shut up!
You just want to feel something in the end.”

One thought on “DRUNK DIAL

  1. Great job!
    Was a wonderful light read. And myself just having stepped out if adolescence I could connect with it.


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