Take me back to when the world we live in felt as one
When I didn’t have to hide my tears or fear anyone
Saw the people with love, believed in humanity and trusted everyone

Take me back to when the world we live in felt new everyday
When I felt fresh feelings for the first time and lived for ‘today’
Always got my feet back on the ground and didn’t worry about yesterday

Take me back to when the world we live in felt hopeful and young
When I could be a dreamer and saw myself as the promised one
Promised one? All I want to do today is start over as a kid again.


I’m just a lonely lad
thinking about the time I had
lost my love.
Wondering how to get her back
it makes me very sad
because I want her now

Just want to hold her hand
stare into her eyes and
fall in love.
After all this time,
I want to call her mine
and maybe even get my heart broken again.

“Okay! You’re clearly sad,
miserable, horny and a tad
bit drunk.
You can barely stand. It’s all just a fad
and you haven’t learnt your goddamn lesson.

She drove you mad!
You hated her dad,
have you forgotten?
And if I may add…
you both were always bad, so shut up!
You just want to feel something in the end.”

There’s no God, only Godliness.
There’s no genius, only the act.
There’s no hate, only fear.
There’s no beauty, only being.
There’s no coming out, only getting in.
There’s no peace, only sharing.
There’s no perfect, only unique.
There’s no freedom, only struggle.
There’s no happiness, only love.
There’s no absence, only ignorance.
There’s no mistake, only disbelief.
There’s no glow, only polish.
There’s no constant, only the cycle.
There’s no knowledge, only realisation.
There’s no colour, only light.
There’s no throne, only the kingdom.
There’s no anger, only disappointments.
There’s no reward, only the journey.
There’s no death, only sleep.
There’s no life, only memory.

There’s no you, there’s no me,
there’s only ONE, can’t you see?

Man in the mirror.

Standing naked, before the mirror in my mind,
staring at my reflection, trying to see.
As the world around faded, leaving just darkness behind, 
I saw who I wanted to be, but he wasn’t completely me.

My alter ego, compulsive and wired,
pretending to live in the present.
Alternating between past and future, tired!
This man I resent.

Fooled by that we are what we think,
our mind has a mind of its own.
I am, I exist, therefore I think.
For it could be my friend or my foe.

Conscious, I watch the mind critique
and as always it overpours.
In silence, I watch all this repeat,
deeper and deeper I explore.

As thoughts subsided in prolonged silence,
my mind; peaceful, still and free.
For the thoughts were mute at the heightened conscience,
I finally saw myself in me. And I chose to let it be.

Chilly winter winds as they stutter through the leaves,
She leans over me, resting herself on my sleeves.
As the clouds turn dark and the temperature drops,
Tension arises and my heartbeat stops.

Large part of the bench left empty on both our sides,
I took my hand off and moved two long strides.
Drawing a deep breath, I go down on my knee,
With no hesitation, I asked “Will you marry me?”.

She hid her face as she gasped behind her hands,
I stood up glowing just like the diamond ringband.
Our eyes meet like the ocean meets its horizon,
Million emotions all in an eminent expression.

Welcome to the virtual simulation,
Where personas are fake and far from truth.
Prepared to face some diplomatic condescension?
Oh! And don’t forget to correct your grammar too.

Here’s another word of caution
If you swallowed the pill that is blue,
This might sound a little like science-fiction
But BIG BROTHER is watching you.

Feel free to share your opinions
And also your point of view
Don’t forget to share your delusions 
Cause we need memes that are brand new.

There’s always room for more pollution
So don’t mind using this as your loo
Just forget all about your education
And tag me in the next viral flu

Beware of possible addictions
You might be stuck to it like it’s glue
We are still working on a solution
But for now, we don’t think you can be rescued.

Is your life boring? Does it need a correction?
Try out our filters, oh please do.
We always come up with new versions
They are great, you can be a dog too.

All our users have mental depression
They all say they don’t but they do.
Each with their own big ambition
Wanting to be a model at 22.

Relax, it’s not that bad a situation
We’ve managed to make some breakthroughs
Some call this a digital revolution
SaveFarmers and #hashtag metoo 😛

Remember this is all one big illusion
Make sure not to lose your cool
A lot gets lost in translation
So fuck me and fuck you too.

Time capsule.

Do you still miss me?
I hope you don’t.
Are things better,
like I promised?

you changed for the better.
You did, right?
So tell me it’s worth it.

Ah! Yes.
How can you?
For we are separated by something far worse than distance.

Maybe it’s not all that great.
I know how it feels
but, I won’t give up if you won’t.
After all, 
l like to believe that
there’s a bit of me 
still left in you.
So hold on.

I already feel better now
talking to you.
Hope you do too.

If only you could do the same 
but you’ve probably moved on,
I guess.
If not,
hold on.
You promised.

You promised.
That you’d be my hope
and I’d be your reason
Because like we always say,
there’s still time.

A poem for help!

Times like these are when I wish someone would care
when I feel lost and abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
To pull me up and share this burden that I cannot bear
to lend me a hand and save me from my quiet despair.

Times like these are when I lose faith in all my prayers,
when I cry for help but I know that no one would hear
yet it’s alright because I know under all those thick layers
there’s a heart and in secret, you shed a tear.

Times like these are when I know it’s pointless to even compare,
when I know that this is life and life is unfair
that each with their own dream ends up in an unending nightmare
and we all do our best but sometimes it’s beyond repair

Times like these are when I wish I were a multi-billionaire 
where one day I would wake up and end the war that was declared,
buy the Gods out and make sure that we breathe the same air
but I’ll start with a poem for help and the love that can be shared.