Welcome to the virtual simulation,
Where personas are fake and far from truth.
Prepared to face some diplomatic condescension?
Oh! And don’t forget to correct your grammar too.

Here’s another word of caution
If you swallowed the pill that is blue,
This might sound a little like science-fiction
But BIG BROTHER is watching you.

Feel free to share your opinions
And also your point of view
Don’t forget to share your delusions 
Cause we need memes that are brand new.

There’s always room for more pollution
So don’t mind using this as your loo
Just forget all about your education
And tag me in the next viral flu

Beware of possible addictions
You might be stuck to it like it’s glue
We are still working on a solution
But for now, we don’t think you can be rescued.

Is your life boring? Does it need a correction?
Try out our filters, oh please do.
We always come up with new versions
They are great, you can be a dog too.

All our users have mental depression
They all say they don’t but they do.
Each with their own big ambition
Wanting to be a model at 22.

Relax, it’s not that bad a situation
We’ve managed to make some breakthroughs
Some call this a digital revolution
SaveFarmers and #hashtag metoo 😛

Remember this is all one big illusion
Make sure not to lose your cool
A lot gets lost in translation
So fuck me and fuck you too.

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