Time capsule.

Do you still miss me?
I hope you don’t.
Are things better,
like I promised?

you changed for the better.
You did, right?
So tell me it’s worth it.

Ah! Yes.
How can you?
For we are separated by something far worse than distance.

Maybe it’s not all that great.
I know how it feels
but, I won’t give up if you won’t.
After all, 
l like to believe that
there’s a bit of me 
still left in you.
So hold on.

I already feel better now
talking to you.
Hope you do too.

If only you could do the same 
but you’ve probably moved on,
I guess.
If not,
hold on.
You promised.

You promised.
That you’d be my hope
and I’d be your reason
Because like we always say,
there’s still time.

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